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Filharmoniště: Duo Glissando (pro děti 0-3 roky) / Mníšek pod Brdy

21 října 2023 | 8:00 - 17:00

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Koncert pro dospělé, kde jsou malé děti vítány. Duo Glissando tvoří dvě sestry harfistky Hedvika Mousa Bacha a Kamila Jouzová. Jejich harfy nechají zaznít nejznámější skladby od renesance až po současnost.




Classical music knows no limits – it can be appreciated by anyone regardless of their age or the language they speak. We immediately knew it was a perfect fit for our project and so we set out to organize our first concert. It was quickly sold out and we realized we could include other genres and programming for older children. This time we are offering you Duo Glissando (harps).


We sit on the floor at our concerts to allow kids freedom of movement. There are also always a few chairs available.

If your kids like to have their hands busy, feel free to bring their favorite toys. Something to build, draw with or a beloved plush toy – anything not too loud that will help them focus their attention.

It is not easy to appreciate art on an empty stomach as our kids are always quick to remind us. Therefore, snacks and coffee are welcome at most of our events. You can sip your favorite brew while listening to the concert and share a home prepared snack with your children or grab a bite of something at the local café.


21 října 2023
8:00 - 17:00
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